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+975 17865221


P.O.Box 1406
House no. 100, Babesa
Thimphu, Bhutan

About Wondrous Travels

At Wondrous Travels, we aim to promote cultural awareness and preserve the unique Bhutanese heritage and pristine environment through responsible tourism. Our expeditions / excursions can offer an idyllic escape from the modern and increasingly globalized world we live in today.

Our mission is to keep our tours unique and exclusive, offer localized experience with the best service, well designed tour packages that are tailor-suited for the guest’s preferences. We are even open to customized trips based on the guests interests and preferences.

The range of experiences of traveling to Bhutan is quite plentiful. From the glacial lakes and mighty snow capped mountains to the gushing rivers, from discovering exotic plants to witnessing the dances of the black necked cranes, from the sounds of the noisy festivities to the peaceful chants of prayers and many more rich adventures.
Thus, we at Wondrous Travels will endeavor to plan and execute the perfect trip and create wonderful memories.