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Source: National Geographic;


By Elaina Zachos


The intrepid team tackled Bhutan's Snowman Trek—typically a month-long feat—in a record-breaking two weeks.

Two years ago, mountaineer Ben Clark took on... what’s widely considered the most difficult trail... in the world. He had his sights set on completing... the Snowman Trek, a grueling route through the... Himalaya in Bhutan.

The crescent-shaped trail starts on the northern... border of Bhutan in Paro and snakes about 200... miles to Bumthang, covering roughly 48,000 feet... uphill through rugged terrain. It traverses the... peaks and valleys of 11 mountain passes,... spanning a landscape often pummeled by fierce... snow and rain storms. 

It normally takes a month to complete the trail,... which can only be done when the weather is... calm. Clark wanted to break the record and... finish it in half that time.  

Clark gathered together a team of ultramarathon-running friends, including Timothy Olson and Anna Frost, to join him on the adventure. He also enlisted a local guide named Wang Chuk, five cooks, and two horse attendants, along with 21 horses.

None of the travelers had completed the route in its entirety before, and some of the locals were skeptical the team could complete it in the two-week timeframe. The Snowman Trek has a 50 percent success rate, and poor conditions force most intrepid visitors to turn back.

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